Sichuan Meiling Battery Co., Ltd.


Company introduction

Sichuan Meiling Battery Co., Ltd. is China's lead-acid battery Standardization Technical Committee members

Corporate culture

Is a professional quality to create the fundamental pursuit of perfection and excellence is the beauty of his eternal pursuit…

Technology research and development

The company has the advanced production lines and modern full functions of the complete sets of testing and testing equipment


Meiling series
Huipu series
Jufeng series
Matsa series
Jingdian series

Enterprise qualification

In 2000 the company received the first batch of

state production Licence,February 2005through

ISO9001:2000 International quality system


Sales & Service

Sound and effective quality management system and

responsibility system is our guidance And control the

production link to provide reliable,stable and qualified quality

A strong guarantee for the product...


Human Hesources

What we need is talent: a great deal of enthusiasm

for work, The courage to pursue excellence goals;

continuous innovation spirit, Not bound by

a mind set...


Sichuan Meiling Storage Battery Co., Ltd.

Address: Sichuan Province, Chengdu Chongzhou Economic Development Zone Hongye Avenue South No. 723

Tel : +0086-028-82399489/82399486


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